NetQube Advocate Review


NetQube is a technology company where the primary value is placed on people.The NetQube proprietary software offers people throughout the global marketplace an opportunity to earn money with their computer or mobile device from the comfort of your own home. NetQube provides income opportunities regardless of a person’s ability to engage other Brand Advocates, as well as the opportunity to grow a profitable business based on leveraged team efforts.

NetQube is a social sharing advertising platform for network marketers. This system utilizes a proprietary genome-mapping technology known as “Research Pods” which matches products or services to the Brand Advocate’s likes, knowledge and interests, resulting in the most relevant top tier demographic. From there, the NetQube platform pre-packages offers and authorised promotional materials for Brand Advocates to simply click and refer to their sphere of social influence.

How NetQube Works:

NetQube first matches your knowledge and interests with products, services and advertisers that are hungry for your reviews, endorsements and social recommendations!

Next, NetQube will prepare Click Actions that are pre-written product and service recommendations that you simply “click to publish,” should the endorsement meet with your approval. Each endorsement contains a link attached to a commission structure. That commission is coded to you and credits you as the source of generating that revenue. When advertising dollars are assigned, you receive the commission!

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