Futurenet  Making money online is much easier than you might think and anyone can do it!

If your friend opened a restaurant you would go eat there, am I right?
What about if your friend opened a taxi service, or a clothes store or indeed any type of high street outlet?
Or if your friend had a trade as a plumber or builder and wanted to go it alone, I’m sure you’d recommend them.
So why is an online business any different?
Why do we become sceptical and suspicious of our FRIENDS intentions when they start their own online business?
How is supporting them any worse than supporting a friend who is a network marketer and working online?
So next time you see a business post on your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube etc from a friend, no matter what it may be, like it or comment on it, you don’t need to buy anything, but as a friend your support will mean the world to them as it encourages them to continue and try to make a better life for their family!

The social media platforms I mention above are all well known and make a lot of money each year. But how do they make $billions when you and I can join for free and not pay any monthly charges. I’m sure you often see adverts appear as you post and comment to friends and these advertisements are based on where you live, your age and your interests. In order for these adverts to appear a company or individual needs to create an appealing advert and then pay a fee to have it appear in front of you. These fees are often very high and help create a profit for the social media platform.

Another way that very high revenue is generated is by people playing games online. We have all no doubt been invited to play Farm Ville, Candy Crush and many others and yes we start to play them for free but then have to pay various amounts to proceed to next stage, the reported profit for Candy Crush in 2015 was $589 million. Surprising how the small amounts you pay to play these games can generate such a high profit.

Unfortunately whilst you may have a free membership you contribute to the companies revenue and profit you as a member DO NOT GET PAID.


There is however a Social Media platform that does pay people like you and me for our activities as we post, like, comment, share and chat. This company is called Futurenet and it looks just like Facebook and works the same way so there is no need to learn how to use it. The advantages of joining Futurenet is to make some money from things you already do every day anyway.

Since becoming a member with FutureNet I have created many new friends and chat and share with them and get paid for doing this activity. The earnings I make can be withdrawn or I can use them to buy some of the company products which include, Landing Page creation, Cloud Hosting, Video Production, Momentum System and many other products to help you build a successful online business. There are also other ways to earn additional incomes with Futurenet which are explained much better if you listen to a webinar recording by clicking here and then you will get a clear understanding of making money with Futurenet the best online social media company.

Futurenet social media pays you and me


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